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Stimulating Character Development in Our School Programs

Through the premier before and after-school programs at Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy in The Woodlands, TX, each child experiences stimulating character development. While enrolled in our after-school or before-school program, your child will be immersed in extracurricular activities and will develop long-lasting skills for their future. We utilize Innovation Stations to promote curiosity-driven learning in cozy nooks dedicated to cooking, gardening, gym, and STEAM-based activities. The engaging learning activities we offer will allow each child the opportunity to establish lasting friendships, socialization skills, and so much more.

School Care program

What Makes Us & Our Programs Different from Competitors

Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy has something for everyone. The same can be said for our premier before and after-school programs. We’ve got indoor and outdoor activities, both of which provide our students with an academic edge. Our commitment to each child’s individual needs and gifts is how we ensure they excel at an exceptional rate. Our school programs are affordable, trustworthy, and reputable. Our staff is experienced, skilled, and compassionate. We utilize an Android-based interactive panel that’s been intelligently designed for the modern classroom. With over 3,000 educational games and activities at each student’s fingertips, you won’t find what Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy offers anywhere else. Our supportive learning environment and state-of-the-art curriculum are unrivaled. All our before and after-school programs in The Woodlands, TX provide numerous activities, including:

  • Homework Club
  • Structured STEAM enrichment activities
  • Indoor/outdoor physical play
  • Hands-on, curiosity-driven, and engaging learning centers
  • Wholesome snacks

Why Choose Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy?

At Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy, your child is our priority. We are diligent and do all we can to ensure their time in our care is well worth it. Our knowledgeable staff members and caretakers run both our before-school program and our after-school program. We offer different school programs to help students engage with one another while participating in stimulating activities and exciting games. We also provide homework time during our after-school program to ensure a period is allotted to students completing their homework. Conveniently located near two flex schools (kindergarten-sixth grade), we offer transports to most elementary schools in The Woodlands and Magnolia, TX. Licensed by the Texas Health & Human Services Commission, Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy has highly experienced teachers who receive ongoing education to ensure our school programs are beneficial for your child’s education and development.

What to know about Our before and after school options

We open our doors weekly at 6.30 AM and close at 6.30 PM for your convenience. The schools we transfer to and from include*.

  • Buckalew Elementary
  • Coulson Tough Elementary
  • Deretchin Elementary
  • Bush Elementary
  • Mitchell Intermediate
  • Ellisor Elementary

Enroll Your Child in One of Our School Programs Today

Our before and after-school programs are catered to the unique needs of each student. Check out our testimonials to see what our students’ parents have to say about Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy. Enroll your child in a school program today, and you’ll both reap various benefits. As the parent, you will be able to work longer hours if necessary, and your child will acquire essential learning and developmental skills in the meantime. To learn more about the enrollment process, call or visit us today!

Building for the Future – Enroll Your Child in Our Programs & Camps!