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Program Features

Our infant care program appreciates: early childhood brain research, individual differences, and materials and opportunities to build parent partnerships, which allow us to provide the best child care in The Woodlands, TX.

infants playing on a carpet with caregiver in background

We Follow the FrogStreet Curriculum

The FrogStreet Infant curriculum is designed to build strong foundations for little ones ages 0-18 months. This child-centered education program includes easy-to-use activities that:

  • Equip caregivers to nurture the little ones in their care.
  • Optimize key windows of opportunity for growth and development.
  • Are designed with intention and purpose and organized around developmental learning domains.
  • Feature Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline® strategies to enhance social and emotional development.

Frog Street Infant Curriculum

Stepping Stones uses the renowned Frog Street Infant Curriculum, which includes individualized learning plans. Our teachers plan the curriculum around your baby.

Each activity is based on four essential learning domains:

  • Cognitive development
  • Physical development
  • Social/emotional development
  • Language development

As well as four age ranges

  • 0-3 mos
  • 3-6 mos
  • 6-12 mos
  • 12-18 mos

Strong Foundations for a Developing Mind

Our curriculum encourages student and teacher interactions to produce a strong language foundation. Activities include picture cards and storybooks to encourage conversations. Music and movement opportunities are provided through songs and simple instruments. In addition, our curriculum helps the student and teacher build healthy attachments, build trust, and improve social interactions leaving your baby feeling secure and happy.

We realize that your child is your most precious gift in life. At Stepping Stones, we provide a loving and nurturing environment for your baby. Our teachers are attentive to the needs of each baby in their care and respond in a careful and purposeful way.

The BrightWheel App

The Brightwheel app allows our teachers to communicate with parents throughout the day. Our parents are updated daily regarding diaper changes, bottles/meals eaten, pictures, and communicating the disposition of our students.

Our babies enjoy our outdoor play area regularly, weather permitting. Each classroom has their own playground to enjoy with synthetic grass, a covered porch area, and many outdoor materials including but not limited to push toys, balls, bubbles, and sensory tubs. Contact us now to know more!

Building for the Future – Enroll Your Child in Our Programs & Camps!