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Consider Sending Your Child to Preschool

Preschool education is an excellent way to get your child ready for kindergarten in the coming years. However, it can be challenging to choose the perfect school for your child. At Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy, we have premier programs for preschoolers aged three to five, as well as strong programs for toddlers and before and after-school care. Our experienced teachers and compassionate administrative staff work tirelessly to build outstanding educational programs for your child. We welcome students and parents from The Woodlands, TX, and the surrounding areas to learn more about what our preschool education has to offer.

kids playing with fake food

Why Preschool Is Important?

Preschool is a crucial time in a child’s life. A solid preschool education will set your child up for success as they enter kindergarten and grade school, as well as teach them essential life skills. In short, preschool gives children a head start in a variety of areas that extend far beyond math and science. While your child will likely be exposed to the basics of math and reading, the real value lies in their social and emotional development. Children strengthen their social skills during their time in preschool, develop a sense of self, and build self-confidence. Students with a preschool education also have the benefit of increased language and cognitive skills. They’ll enter kindergarten with a leg up on their peers in terms of their vocabulary and critical thinking.

Program Features at Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy

We’re proud of the preschool education we offer. Our team works to create a successful classroom with lots of features that make learning more accessible for all our students. First, all of our assignments come from a daily lesson plan, and we use a monthly scope in sequence to make sure we check all the boxes that equal a premier education. We incorporate phonics, pre-writing, and more to promote fine motor coordination and legible printing. Every day your child will complete activities designed to teach them math, science, social studies, literature, music, and much more.

“Meanings come not from events themselves, but from what we bring to them.”
– Lucy Calkins

Learn More About Our Early Learning Curriculum

Our early learning curriculum is one of the top reasons why parents choose our preschool. Children between the ages of three and five are ready to prepare for kindergarten and grade school, and we strive to give them the tools they need. Our comprehensive and research-based Frogstreet curriculum involves the following, among other aspects:

  • A daily focus on literacy, numeracy, and verbal language
  • Assessments designed to evaluate students’ mastery of content
  • Innovative learning tools in a wide range of subjects, including academics, arts, and social and emotional development
  • Writing workshops and independent writing
  • Storybooks to foster a love of reading
  • Enrichment programs focusing on Spanish, physical education, music, and chapel
group of kids with their arms up following their teacher

Focusing on Child Development 

One way we aim to help your child develop is through Conscious Discipline. This research-based self-regulation program promotes discipline, guidance, and social and emotional learning. Together, we work on problem-solving skills that will carry them through life. To maximize your child’s development, we strive to make our preschool a safe, loving environment in which they can learn comfortably. We build our preschool’s culture using modeling behavior and consistent routines. Conscious Discipline is also relevant to parents, as its principles help them to teach their child crucial lessons and life skills. In brief, it’s our goal to foster connections between children and trusted adults, creating the best conditions for academic and social learning.

Reasons to Choose Our Preschool 

Parents in our community choose us for a wide variety of reasons. We provide preschool-aged children with an outstanding education and prepare them for success later. Not only do we invest in high-quality education, but we also hold all our instructors to a standard of excellence. You can rest assured that our teachers are some of the most exceptional educators in the area. Beyond our everyday academic programs, we also offer enrichment programs to compliment your child’s education. In the summer, you might also opt to send your child to our summer camp. To learn more about some of our educational tools and policies, visit our page dedicated to parent resources.

Request More Information Today

Want to learn more about Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy and our preschool education programs? Our staff would be happy to discuss our offerings in further detail and set up a tour of our facility for you and your child. Once you’ve decided on our outstanding preschool in The Woodlands, TX, we’ll send you more information on the enrollment process and what you can expect on your child’s first day. Contact us today.

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