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Before & After School Programs

Benefits of Joining Before and After School Programs

A child’s education is essential to their future success. At Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy, we recognize that students need an engaging and enriching education. That’s why our before and after school programs go beyond traditional learning. Our programs offer children a safe, nurturing environment where they can expand their interests, discover new activities, and build relationships with other students.

Make Valuable Discoveries

Our before and after school programs offer students a chance to unlock their creativity. Through activities like art, drama, and sports, children can discover what they really love to do. They’ll also make great friends that share their interests.

Provide Mental Stimulation

Our educational activities challenge and stimulate students’ minds. With the help of our experienced educators, we engage students in a way that appeals to their unique modes of learning. Whether they’re visual or tactile learners, we can help.

Instill Confidence

Our before and after school programs provide the perfect opportunity for students to practice their leadership skills and increase their self-esteem.

Allow for Creativity

Children are naturally creative. Our programs provide a safe outlet for them to express themselves, no matter what their field of interest.

Fun and Enjoyment

Before and after school programs should be fun! Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy strives to create a welcoming environment that is enjoyable for all of our students.

Benefits of Before and After School Programs

  • Safe and secure. We ensure all of our students feel safe and secure.
  • Socialization. Before and after school programs allow children to socialize with their peers in a creative setting.
  • Academic support. If your child needs a little extra help with their studies, we’re here to assist them. We also build homework time into our programs if needed.
  • Discover interests and talents. Many children discover interests or talents during our programs that they would have never found otherwise.
  • Physical health. Physical activity is critical for wellness, and our programs give children the chance to stay active while having fun.
  • Increased self-confidence. We strive to provide a positive atmosphere that encourages children to develop their leadership skills and build self-confidence.

Choose Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy

A facility licensed by the Texas Health & Human Services Commission, Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy has been serving the families of The Woodlands, TX for over 20 years. We are committed to providing quality before and after school programs that foster a love of learning and life-long skills. Using the conscious discipline framework, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment for your child. Our experienced educators are dedicated to helping children discover their interests, build relationships, and feel safe.

In addition, we offer transports to most elementary schools in The Woodlands and Magnolia, TX. It’s never been easier for your child to get the enrichment they deserve.

Learn More About Our Before and After School Programs

Searching for a before and after school program in the Woodlands that encourages learning, discovery, and growth? Trusted by the community, Stepping Stones Preparatory Academy is the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more about our unique before and after school programs.