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Valentine’s Day celebration in The Woodlands, TX

Whether you create small valentine cards to show your love and affection to your children on Valentine’s Day or give your loved one a dozen roses, Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world as a special day to show love to people who hold a treasured place in your heart.  While many of us have loved ones near, consider taking time this Valentine’s Day to show love and support to those people who might need to be reminded that someone is thinking about them.

There are many unique ways to let someone know that you are thinking about them as you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your home.  Here are are few ideas to consider that your whole family can join in on:

  • Instead of giving your kiddos a cuddly bear or a bag filled with sweets, consider spending some time as a family making some simple valentine cards for the elderly who are currently residing in a local nursing home.  Did you know that over 50% of nursing home residents never get visitors? You could truly make someone’s day when the nursing home director or nursing staff delivers these valentines to the residents.
  • Make a small craft using supplies from your local craft store to design a mobile to hang in the hospital room in your local children’s cancer hospital.
  • Honorable men and women serving our country need to be reminded that they are not forgotten.  Gather your family together and write a valentine to a veteran and include a family photo. Just knowing that you were thinking about them and that you are thankful for their service could make their day shine just a tad brighter.
  • Send a small handmade gift or make an unexpected phone call to relatives that your children may not see or talk to often.
  • Make a card and purchase a small toy for a less fortunate family so they can give their children something special on Valentine’s Day.  Involve your children by allowing them to pick out the small gift from your local dollar store.
  • Visit a local family shelter and spend time with the families and their children.
  • Surprise your children with heart-shaped pancakes in the morning by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter for the batter.  Then spend quality time with them by eating as a family before school.

This Valentine’s Day, remember that the power of time is more important than any gift.  Thinking about others first will not only let someone know that they are special and important, but it will also bring you great joy to know that you helped to brighten someone’s day.  Finally, what better valuable lesson we can teach our children than the golden rule- “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”